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Arctic Early Career News - January 2023

Arctic Early Career News

USAPECS + IARPC Early Career Forum

Happy New Year!

Periodically USAPECS and the IARPC Early Career Forum will share research from, and opportunities for, early career researchers working in the polar regions. This regular round-up aims to highlight and celebrate the work being done by early career researchers in Arctic research. If you have information you would like to submit, please see the link below.

Are you or do you know an early career researcher who has recently published work related to the Arctic? We at USAPECS and the IARPC Early Career Forum want to highlight your work! Please fill out this form with any Arctic publications, webinars, posters, etc. and we will share on the IARPC Early Career Forum and with our USAPECS Twitter followers. Anyone who identifies as early career is eligible to submit! Any questions? Email for more information. Submit documents here:


Archana Dayal, Andrew Hodson, Marie Sabacka, Alan L Smalley

“Seasonal snowpack microbial ecology and biogeochemistry on a High Arctic ice cap reveals negligible autotrophic activity during spring and summer melt.”

Date of Publication: September 2022

Keywords: Arctic, Foxfonna ice cap, snowpack, nutrients, microbes, seasonal, microbial ecology, biogeochemistry

Type: Paper preprint

Twitter: @snowecology

Ebru Caymaz

“A research on fostering knowledge creation through Arctic science diplomacy”.

Date of Publication: 2022.

Keywords: Arctic, Arctic science diplomacy, knowledge creation, research communities, science diplomacy


Type: Paper

Twitter: @phoebe_121

Maud van Soest, N. John Anderson, Roland Bol, Liz R. Dixon, Philip M. Haygarth

“Grazing and topography control nutrient pools in low Arctic soils of Southwest Greenland.”

Date of Publication: July 2022

Keywords: carbon, muskox, nitrogen, nutrients, phosphorus

Type: Paper

Twitter: @maj_vanS


USAPECS Call for Blogs

This year, USAPECS is hosting a blog series entitled “Becoming a polar scientist”! We are looking for US-based scientists and professionals with any polar/alpine/cryosphere connection for this series. Our goal is to gain perspectives from a variety of people involved in polar research in any discipline to help inform the early career community of the current challenges and opportunities in finding a community within the field and ways to get involved in polar research. We will prioritize blog posts from those who are in their early career, but we welcome proposals from those at any career stage. Potential topics include: finding a polar mentor or peer group, being a fellow or intern in a supportive polar organization, or being a part of any affinity groups. Also, if you are attending a relevant meeting and would like to share your experiences participating and networking, or any new insights with the USAPECS community, we also welcome you to submit a proposal for a blog post.

Each blog will be approximately 3-5 paragraphs (or longer, if preferred) and a series of optional questions and writing prompts will be provided for inspiration.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the following form by February 3rd, 2023.

Apply to Co-Lead the IARPC Early Career Community of Practice

The IARPC Collaborations Early Career Community of Practice is seeking applications for new co-leaders. The Early Career Community of Practice provides a space where those who identify as early career can connect with the broader research community and share opportunities and announcements within the community. Co-leads can expect to devote between 5 to 10 hours per month on average to their leadership role. More information is available on IARPC Collaborations. Applications are due February 3.

PSECCO Job Opportunities Panel

Wanting to know more about non-tenure track faculty jobs and what opportunities exist for polar scientists beyond academia? The Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO) has put together its first panel to discuss job opportunities beyond academia for polar scientists. What you learn here will absolutely be transferrable to jobs outside of polar science too, so be sure to spread word of this event far and wide!

The panel will take place on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, from 9am to 10.20am AKT | 11am to 12.30pm MT | 1pm to 2.30pm ET. Register to attend here. Please email with any questions about the event.

Call for Applications: NNA Community Office Early Career Fellows and Experienced Co-leads for Convergence Working Groups

The Navigating the New Arctic Community Office (NNA-CO) invites applications for Early Career Fellows and Experienced Co-leads for new Convergence working groups.

To support Arctic-focused convergence and collaboration now and into the future, the NNA-CO is supporting formation of four two-year Convergence Working Groups. Each group will be collaboratively led by two Early Career Fellows and one Experienced Co-lead.

These opportunities are open to researchers and scholars, including Arctic Indigenous students, scholars, community members, leaders, or practitioners. Early Career Fellows and Working Groups are also financially supported to assist with achieving diverse participation and successful activities. Activities will emphasize relationship building and creating a lasting legacy to benefit Arctic communities and the broader NNA community.

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