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Becoming a polar scientist

In our 2021-2023 blog series, Becoming a Polar Scientist/Becoming part of the Polar Scientific Community, early career and established polar and alpine researchers share their experiences of becoming a part of the Arctic/Antarctic/Alpine scientific community. In this series, our authors describe the challenges they faced while navigating their way into a professional career as well as the opportunities that have aided them along their diverse paths.



Communicating Your Science

Posts within the series were written by different Polar-focused early career researchers, and will approach the topic of science communication from a myriad of perspectives: be it through relaying individual experiences that have or haven't resulted in effective communication, taking the reader through various communication exercises, or suggesting new techniques through which to engage people in science outside of academic and research-focused communities.

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Science Policy at the Poles

In our 2020-2021 USAPECS blog series “Science Policy at the Poles”

 professionals from various stages of their career and from a variety of fields (academia, government, private sector) tell us about their experiences in and reflections on science policy in the polar regions and the cryosphere.


Navigating Your Early Career and Beyond

In our 2019-2020 USAPECS blog series, “Navigating your early career and beyond”. We’ve asked volunteers from various stages of their career and from a variety of fields (academia, government, private sector) to answer a series of questions that address the challenges and sometimes tough choices they’ve had to make along the way.

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