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USAPECS training modules

In this webinar, we will host workshops and IDEA materials compiled by the United States Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (USAPECS). One of our recent workshops was about improving accessibility in online media, especially through the use of alt text. This was supported through our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) task group.


Archived Webinars

Previous webinars from the USAPECS archives covering an assortment of topics related to Polar Science. All webinars on this page have links to view the webinars and some have the slides available for viewing.

Recent webinars include:

The stability of Thwaites Glacier

Data visualization

Boiling down your message

Outreach from the field

Arctic Data Center.png

NSF Arctic Data Center

In this webinar, Erin McLean, Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator with the Arctic Data Center, discusses an overview of the Arctic Data Center; the history, infrastructure, and tools that support long-term preservation of the data and metadata. Erin then highlights the many features and services offered by the Arctic Data Center before stepping through some best practices for working with data and guidance on how to archive data with the Arctic Data Center. Finally, a discussion is provided on how to search for and reuse data for synthesis studies.


Polar Science 101

Early career scientists from polar disciplines will be presenting introductory webinars on their field of expertise for this series. The goal of the series is to share polar science in an easily and accessible way, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration amongst APECS members. Each short ‘Polar Science 101’ talk will share a bit about the early career scientist presenting, what their science is about, and will give an introductory level tutorial to the field each scientist studies.

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