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In conjunction with Polar Week 2016, USAPECS is announcing the

USAPECS is hosting a virtual film festival during the Fall 2016 Polar Week. We will put out a call for submissions July 25, 2016. Nominate your favorite polar films (short and feature-length) and we will curate a list of films on a different theme for each of four nights during Polar Week. 

The themes for 2016 are: 

  • Frozen Worlds: The Cryosphere

  • Partly Frozen Mostly Cute: Polar Biology & Ecology

  • People at the Poles: The Human Dimension

  • Climate & Connections

Want to get involved? Submit your favorite films and then organize a watch party during Polar Week! 

Got questions? Check out the FAQ below, or email

Stay up to date with #PolarFilmFest

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are accepted? 

We're looking for films that people can watch online, preferrably wherever they are. We'll make playlists on Youtube and Vimeo and add links to films on Amazon, Netflix, and any other platforms that we need to. If the film you're submitting is available on multiple platforms, we'd prefer if you can provide the link for a more mainstream site, but feel free to put multiple links in the submission form. 

Can I send in my own video? 

We welcome submissions from APECS members, but we can't host them on the USAPECS or APECS websites. Please upload your video to something like YouTube or Vimeo and then send us the link.

How long should the films be? 

We're going to make playlists of shorter films and offer one or two suggestions for longer films on each theme. So any length is welcome! 

Can I submit more than one film? 

Yes, absolutely! Please submit films for as many of the categories as you have good ideas for, and feel free to submit more than one film in a single category. Fill out the submission form for each film, hit submit, and then fill it out again for the next film. 

Do films need to be in english? 

No! If we get submissions in other languages, we're happy to include non-english films in the suggestions we post for Polar Week. We can recruit help from other national committees if we need help understanding the film! 

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