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The Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO) is a community-building and community-support organization for polar early career scientists, funded by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs, Award #2135176.


Its mission is to empower and elevate early career scientists in the polar sciences, support a vibrant community, provide opportunities and resources, offer skill training, and work together toward a more just, inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible polar science environment.


Key PSECCO Objectives


  • Build connections between early career researchers across disciplines, volunteer organizations, and existing polar networks  

  • Provide practical support for the early career scientists who are providing leadership to the community, and as leaders in diversity and inclusion.

  • Support the career development of polar scientists through workshops, training, travel funds, and community-building.

  • Provide seed funding for meaningful initiatives that enhance belonging, accessibility, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (BAJEDI) in the polar sciences through microgrants and fellowships

You can follow PSECCO’s activities at this link.

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