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People at the Poles:

The human dimension

It is sometimes a little too easy to forget that for many people, the Arctic is home. These videos showcase stories and ways of life in Greenland, northern Canada, and Alaska. The playlist finishes with two videos from researchers working in the Arctic and the Antarctic and one video about skiing and photography in the Arctic. 


Watch all of the short films on the Youtube and Vimeo playlists, or use the individual links below. 

Short films: 

A Girl and her Nanuk - Insight Collection

Short film (1:23), general audience

An Iñupiat elder describes her brother's encounter with an aggressive mother bear, and his time raising her cubs.

This is Our Arctic

Short film (5:53), general audience

In January 2015, the team from BYTE travelled to the small Arctic community of Old Crow. We worked with the youth of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, who interviewed their elders to find out how climate change is affecting their territory and their community. This is their story.

Thule Hunter

Short film (3:27), general audience

Dressed in polar bear pants, seal skin mittens, and a reindeer jacket hand made by his grandmother, Thomas Martika has never left his home town of Qaanaaq, Greenland. Struggling to hold on to his culture despite changing times, he shares his concerns.

Future Mountains

Short film (13:07), general audience. In Swedish with English subtitles

A short documentary on research collaboration between climate scientists and indigenous Sami in Swedish Lappland.

Alaskan Indigenous Voices on Leadership

Short film (9:17), general audience

Leadership for the State of Alaska and policies affecting the people of Arctic is best when done in direct consultation with those who have called the American Arctic home for millennia.

Students on Ice

Short film (11:57), general audience

Students take an expedition to the Arctic and discuss their experience.

Honoring the Gift

Mid-length film (31:21), general audience

“Honoring the gift” is a phrase said by Steve Oomittuk of Point Hope (Tikiġaq), Alaska. He described the cycle of life in Tikiġaq as a process “honoring the gift of the whale,” which gives itself to the people. 130 miles north of the Arctic Circle, a spit of Alaskan land points into the Chukchi Sea. The oldest continuously occupied settlement in the arctic, the Iñupiaq Eskimo people call this place Tikiġaq. from Christmas Week through the summer Whale Feast of Kaġaruk.
Produced and Directed by Maya Salganek. 2007.

Counting on Caribou

Short film (17:05), general audience

Counting on Caribou showcases the ways in which the Iñupiat people of Northwest Alaska are seeking to maintain their connection to caribou and the influences that threaten this staple subsistence food.

Face to Face with Climate Change in Greenland

Short film (5:28), general audience

A midnight boat ride among icebergs in Greenland, navigated by an insightful Greenlandic captain, causes a glaciologist and climate scientist to rethink climate change. An informative and beautiful story about the people affected by changing polar conditions. (Production credit: Skypunch Creative)

Living and working in Antarctica

Short film (13:02), general audience

An introduction to life at McMurdo station in Antarctica. 

Eclipse - Salomon Freeski

Mid-length film (31:24), general audience

A short film documenting how photographer Reuben Krabbe coordinates with skiers to obtain a once-in-a-lifetime shot of a skier silhouetted against the solar eclipse in Svalbard.

This film was included to show how people from different backgrounds - beyond scientists and Arctic residents - interact with the Arctic. 

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