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Destination Unknown:

New Frontiers in Polar Research

 Are you studying an area of the poles that is greatly understudied or has not been accessible in the past? Do you go to the field during the dark season, when very little data is available? Do you study processes that have only recently been discovered? Do you access ecosystems that are extremely difficult to reach? Are you deploying new instrumentation or techniques that will greatly advance the field? In this topic, we learn about these exciting and emerging fields that allow us to enter new frontiers in Polar Research!

The films

Polarstern Fram strait 2017

Short film (6:09), general audience, Fram Strait, Arctic, Microplastic, ice, Polarstern

Film powstał podczas ekspedycji na statku Polarstern w cieśninie Fram. Documents the collection of snow samples to study the presence and distribution of microplastic particles in the Arctic Ocean.

Kajetan Deja

Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Science


Film (18:51), general audience, Patagonia, Glacier Retreat, Unexplored Icefield, First Ascents

Incognita Patagonia is a National Geographic project in the legendary Tierra del Fuego. In 2016 three young glaciologists and climbers embarked the Northanger sail boat to access the largely unknown Cloue Icefiled - the southernmost icefield in South America. The objectives were to 1. Survey and map the recent glacier changes in the area; 2. Attempt the first crossing of the icefield and its unclimbed peaks and 3. Re-launch the recently abandoned network of Automated Weather Stations of Charlie Porter (Glaciologist, USA, 2014). The expedition was a success and the movie aims to capture and share the spirit and findings of this adventure. 

Enaut Izaguirre, Evan Miles, Ibai Rico 

University of the Basque Country / Juneau Icefield Research Program

A Journey to Discover Antarctica's Future

Short film (10:44), general audience, Antarctica, geology, ice melt, ice sheet, climate change

The journey to discover Antartica's future was filmed during the first few months of 2019 on IODP Expedition 379 to the Amundsen Sea. The expedition drilled into the seabed for records of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet's history. The movie documents the journey the scientists undertook onboard the JOIDES Resolution and the potential the samples they collected have for understanding the future of our planet.

Vivien Cumming and Kimberley Kenny

Science Stories

King Sejong Station

Film (29:55), general audience

This movie was taken in 2017, at King Sejong Station in Barton peninsula of King George Islands. It is a story about overwintering team's routine task. A big discovery is based on small tiny daily work.

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