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Environmental Issues in the Polar Regions

Polar areas are some of the most delicate on the planet and are highly influenced by global changes. These films highlight some of the environmental issues that are currently being faced in these regions.​​

The films


Mid-length film (32:10), general audience (subtitiles available)

This film highlights carbon transfer in one of the largest rivers in the Arctic. It follows two labs (French and Russian) and the challenges surrounding fieldwork in the small Siberian town of Igarka.

The toxic compounds of the Arctic - Svalbard - (serie 2/3)

Short film (7:25), general audience

From clothing to cookwear, harmful chemical compounds leak out of everyday products and find their way to the Arctic. Learn how this "Invisible Pollution" is affecting bird colonies in Svalbard.


The other parts of this series can be found below.


Part 1:

Part 3:


Mining on First Nation Land. The Na-Cho Nyäk Dun First Nation in Mayo/Yukon

Short film (13:13), general audience

Changes experienced by the mining industry in the indigenous communities in Mayo/Yukon, both pros and cons of development, importance of their inclusion in planning and development.


Short film (10:52), general audience

The influence of winter cloud coverage in warming of the Arctic. Introduction to the function of aerosols and the work done in Ålesund research village/zeppelin mountain.

Feeding Nunavut: What happens when a hunter-gatherer society runs out of food

Short film (5:21), general audience

In Artic Canada, tasks as basic as finding adequate food are made burdensome by the realities of the High North. See how members of a Nunavut community have adapted to a changing culture and climate in their daily lives.

Little Auks through the ages

Short film (13:55), general audience

Little Auks have inhabited Greenland for thousands of years, but today face environmental pressures that threaten their very survival. Travel with a cutting-edge team of researchers from France to see how scientists are learning more about these birds and their long legacy in the Arctic. This film highlights the environmental changes facing a little Auk colony in Greenland, and the different types of research necessary to study them.

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