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The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) & Daltonic Films are proud to screen Glacial Balance at 10 free, public events in 9 countries on 5 continents for US APECS’ 2nd International Polar Film Fest!

"Glacial Balance takes us from Colombia to Argentina, getting to know those who are the first to be affected by the melting glacial reserve, the canaries in the mine. Along the way, we are accompanied by scientists who give us a perspective on what is happening in the natural world, and from that, we learn of the chain reaction effect these disappearing glaciers are having worldwide.  The film offers the viewer an opportunity to hear, in the locals’ own words, the human impacts of a climate out of control.  From coffee, potato, and quinoa farmers, to fruit and wine exporters, and even miners of sacred glacial ice blocks near the Equator, Glacial Balance offers the viewer a chance to visit some of Earth’s most distant, inaccessible, and spectacularly beautiful landscapes.


The film shows a global interconnectedness, causing a human to human connection to the changing world around us.  It entertains, teaches and provides a piece to reflect upon, bringing these images and stories of climate change, drought, famine, and migration to the forefront of public consciousness.  Ultimately removing the anonymous stigma often associated with the cause and serving as a means to instigate change that depends on every one of us to make."



* = Screening also features a Q&A session with polar scientists!

ˀ = RSVP required


Buenos Aires, Argentina

When:  Fri., 22 Sept. | 3:00pm

Where:  Instituto Antártico Argentino, 25 de Mayo 1143 - Gral. San Martín

Questions?  E-mail


Ottawa, Canada*

When:  Tues., 19 Sept. | 8:00pm

Where:  University of Ottawa, Simard Hall, SMD 125

RSVP requested, but not required:

Note:  Free pizza will be provided.

Questions?  E-mail


Santiago, Chile

When:   Wed., 20 Sept. | 6:00pm show (5:45pm doors)

Where:  Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Cienfuegos #41

Questions?  E-mail


Paris, Franceˀ

When:  Thurs., 21 Sept. | 8:00pm (7:30pm doors)

Where:  Professional Services, 46 Rue Saint Antoine

RSVP Required:   Send name & phone number to

Note:  Complimentary snacks provided.

Questions?  E-mail


Potsdam, Germany

When:   Thurs., 21 Sept. | 6:00pm show (5:30pm doors)

Where:  Alfred Wegener Institute, Telegrafenberg Building A43, conference room

Questions?  E-mail


Vasco, India*

When:   Thurs., 21 Sept. | 2:00pm show

Where:  National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR), Auditorium Hall

Questions?  E-mail


Moscow, Russia*

When:   Tues., 19 Sept. | 4:15pm show

Where:  Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography, street Staromonenty pereulok, 29

Questions?  E-mail


Bloemfontein, South Africa*ˀ

When:   Wed., 20 Sept. | 6:30pm show

Where:  Naval Hill Planetarium

RSVP Required:  Send name & phone number to

Questions?  E-mail


Boulder, Colorado, USA

When:   Tues., 19 Sept. | 6:00pm show (5:30pm doors)

Where:  University of Colorado Boulder, Room C120, SEEC/MacAllister Research Center, 4001 Discovery Dr.

RSVP only  if you need a parking pass; send name & phone number to

Questions?  E-mail


Fairbanks, Alaska, USA*

When:   Fri., 22 Sept. | 6:00pm show (5:30pm doors)

Where:   University of Alaska Fairbanks, Margaret Murie Building Auditorium

Events Page:

Note:   Fisheries & Ocean Sciences Student Association (FOSSA) will host a bake-sale and Q&A with glaciologists.

Questions?  E-mail

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