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Greenlandic children playing in the snow. Photo: Greenland Travel / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Icing on the Cake:

Frozen Fun

Some light-hearted videos highlighting that not everything in the Arctic is doom and gloom. See some scientists go hungry at the aptly-named Norwegian research station, "Troll," watch some waddling penguins of a variety of different species, and journey with astronaut Chris Hadley to the Canadian High Arctic!

See the films


Watch all of the short films on the Youtube or Vimeo playlists or use the individual links below. The whole set lasts a little under 45 minutes. 

Hunger at Troll

Short film (5:24), general audience

A funny short film in a slapstick style about hunger at the Norwegian Antarctic research station, Troll. This was also the Norwegian contribution to the Winter International Film Festival in Antarctica 2009.

Under the Sea Around Rothera

Short film (6:37), general audience

Ever wondered what the underwater world in Antarctica looks like? Dive into icy waves with us!


Short film (2:23), general audience

Featuring a moving reading of an Inuit poem set to stunning visuals in the Canadian Arctic. 

Tested Arctic: A Short Film

Medium-length film (17:31), general audience

What happens when astronaut Chris Hadley goes to the Canadian High Arctic for two weeks? Find out by watching this short film that brings together two frontiers. 

Arctic - Visual Vibes

Short film (7:34), general audience

A stylish short shot from sea an at land in the Arctic.

Homeward Bound Outreach: Gentoo Penguins

Short film (3:38), general audience

A short film about all the different types of penguins in Antarctica. Who knew there were so many!

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