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Partly frozen, mostly cute:

Ecology in the high latitudes

A collection of documentary style videos, visuals set to music and research expedition clips of animals from both poles and the sub-Antarctic. Featured animals include penguins, polar bears, Arctic foxes, seals, and fish among other polar species.

Featured longer film: 

Happy Feet

Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce! 

This isn't science, but the polar regions can be fun too! 


Watch all of the short films on the Youtube and Vimeo playlists, or use the individual links below. The whole set lasts about 45 minutes. 

Short films:

Wildlife of the Falkland Islands

Short film (3:56), general audience

A beautiful compilation video of the various wildlife that calls the Falkland Islands home.

Arctic Ground Squirrel: Perfect Yuppie Pet

Short film (5:00), general audience

Researchers from the University of Alaska describe the unusual characteristics of Arctic Ground Squirrels and how this research may benefit humans.

Polar Bear Social Behavior

Short film (6:28), general audience with significant scientific component

Polar bear footage narrated by a scientist describing the social behavior of polar bears.

Penguins in the tide pool

Short film (1:09), general audience

Cute Gentoo penguins splashing around in the tide pool that formed on the beach after a big rain.

Polar bears smash the spy cam

Short film (2:39), general audience

A curious mother and cub get a little too close to the recording cameras on the tundra. 

Emperor Penguins Feeding - McMurdo Sound

Short film (5:13), general audience

Cute video of Emperor penguins eating and socializing with each other. 

Polar bear visits USCGC Healy

Short film (4:22), general audience

A Polar Bear visits USCGC Healy on August 23 2015 during the US Arctic GEOTRACES expedition. Watch for the barrel roll at the end!

Erebus Bay Day Trip with Seal Team B292

Short film (4:33), general audience

Follow Seal Team B292 as they arrive at McMurdo Station and begin their work with Weddell seals on the sea ice in Erebus Bay. Thrilling snowmachine rides, active volcanoes, under-ice videos of seals, and, of course, adorable seal pups.

Hunting a shark from the deep

Short film (3:26), general audience

Fishermen catch a huge Greenland shark.

Young fox hunting in the snow

Short film (1:34), general audience

Cute, funny footage of Arctic foxes hunting during the winter. 

Diver encounters 13-foot deadly leopard seal

Short film (2:35), general audience

While diving in Antarctica on a National Geographic - Lindblad expedition, biologist Lisa Kelly encountered a 13-foot leopard seal. Leopard seals are apex predators with a ferocious reputation, but she was surprised when this one greeted her playfully, zooming up to examine its reflection in her camera lens.

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