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APECS Webinar: Social Science Interview Techniques

Photo: John Cook/Flickr

The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists will be hosting a webinar on successful techniques for interviewing policy-makers, indigenous peoples' representatives, and Polar locals on February 16th at 21:00 GMT. Please see the information below for more details, including instructions on how to join the webinar.

APECS Webinar: Interview Techniques February 16, 21:00 GMT Webinar ID: 138-236-451

APECS online webinar series is pleased to introduce Professor Emma Stewart, a Polar Social Scientist at Lincoln University in New Zealand, who is quite keen to give a presentation for one hour on the topic of "interview techniques." Many APECS members may have limited experience with interview techniques so Professor Stewart kindly accepted an invitation to speak on this topic. With several years of experience interviewing people in Arctic territories, Professor Stewart's views are relative to a wide spectrum of Social Science research undertaken by APECS members. This Webinar therefore encounters some of the key expectations, challenges and success stories that come about through interviews with policy-making elites, indigenous peoples representatives and Polar locals. Please note that we changed our procedures, we are not offering pre-registration anymore due to a new limit of 100 participants per webinar. Please connect with the webinar ID the day of the event at For more information about this Webinar, contact Michael Laiho at m.j.laiho at

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