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Announcing New Blog and Webinar Series

We are excited to announce the start of both a new Blog Series and Webinar Series beginning this month (May 2019)!

Head over to our Blog section and check out our new Blog series: ‘Navigating your early career and beyond’. We’ve asked volunteers from various stages of their career and from a variety of fields (academia, government, private sector) to answer a series of questions that address the challenges and sometimes tough choices they’ve had to make along the way.

Head over to our Webinar section and check out our new Webinar series: ‘Polar Science 101’. Early career scientists from polar disciplines will be presenting introductory webinars on their field of expertise for this series. The goal of the series is to share polar science in an easily and accessible way, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration amongst APECS members. Each short ‘Polar Science 101’ talk will share a bit about the early career scientist presenting, what their science is about, and will give an introductory level tutorial to the field each scientist studies.

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