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The Shape of Ice:

Watching the Polar Regions through an Artistic Lens

The utterly beautiful and wild landscapes at both poles have sparked inspiration and lay the foundation for tales and stories, music, and paintings for hundreds of years. 

The films

The Most Northerly Ice Concert EVER

Short film (4:03), general audience, music; ice floe; ice instruments; Arctic Ocean

How to create the world’s most organic concert: find a spot on a glacier, further north than anyone has performed like this before. Find enough chunks of ice to carve a cello, ice percussion, horns and chimes. At dawn, play “Ocean Memories”. And when you’re done, leave the instruments back where they came from – the sea.

Greenpeace 2019; 'Ocean Memories'; Idea and concept by Terje Isungset. Music by Terje Isungset; Ice carving by Bill Covitz; Thanks to All Ice Record, Norway; Iceofone and ice horn: Terje Isungset; Ice cello: Åshild Brunvoll; Ice percussion: Maria Dahlin; Ice horn: Andreas Hesselberg Hatzikiriakidis 

Polar Night January 2014

Short film (5:38), general audience, Spitsbergen, Polar night, winter, northern lights

The film was made during the polar night on Spitsbergen in 2014.

Kajetan Deja

Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Science

SVALBARD, the last stop before the North Pole

Short film (6:52), general audience, svalbard; Pyramiden; ghost mining town

A few minutes around the Svalbard Archipelago, located 900 kilometers away from the North Pole where I had the chance to put my camera in Ny-Alesund, the northernmost village on the planet and in Pyramiden, a Russian ghost mining town, lost in the heart of the Arctic...

Martin Gouzou

Scientific expedition to Lake Untersee Oasis | East-Antarctica

Short film (5:02), general audience, biology; glacier; ice; lake; Antarctica

I am a PhD student studying microbial ecology in ice-based systems and compiled this short movie from footage made during three Antarctic scientific expeditions to Lake Untersee Oasis in East-Antarctica. I am truly fascinated by ice - not only as a habitat for microbes but also by its color and shapes. The audio track "Bigger than home" by Manu Delago inspired me to make this movie. Please increase the audio volume before watching this movie :-) 

Klemens Weisleitner

Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck

Arctic work

Short film (4:56) General Audience, Ecology, Oceanography, benthos, Arctic work

The film is a visual documentary of scientific work on board a research vessel during fieldwork on Spitsbergen. It documents the work of scientists who used various research tools to find and study Arctic creatures, and gives some beautiful views of the impressive scenary. 

Kajetan Deja

Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Science

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