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Ukraine crisis

Dear USAPECS Members and the Polar Science Community,

We, the Board of USAPECS, as the national committee representing United States members of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, fully condemn the unprovoked attack by Russia on Ukraine and the subsequent war, destruction, and loss of life and suffering. As an organization rooted in the peaceful and cooperative exchange and collaboration within the polar sphere, we are appalled by the unwarranted Russian invasion.

Violence, oppression, and the denial of human rights are in direct conflict with values established by our organization, APECS, as well as the personal beliefs of the USAPECS Board members. The polar science community must recognize that the atrocious acts by Russia will have lasting effects on human life, scientific collaboration and international cooperation. We are committed to continuing the mission to support early career researchers, and all researchers, in working together for the good of the Arctic, polar regions, and the world. Polar Science, early career researchers, and all of humanity suffer as a result of this malicious and unfounded attack.

Now, more than ever, we need to listen, support, and amplify the voices of those in and forcibly displaced from Ukraine and others at risk. We stand in solidarity with all the people affected by the war, but especially with so many Ukrainian citizens and foreign students and researchers who are, at this very moment, fearing for their lives in a conflict completely out of their control. At the same time, we support the bravery of our Russian colleagues who are protesting and risking their lives and well-being to stand up to the tyranny in their home country.

There are many options to lend support if you are able, or can share with others who are.

The USAPECS Board is here to listen to your concerns, suggestions, and needs, so please do not hesitate to reach out ( We welcome any feedback in any format about our organization, our response, and our actions moving forward.


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