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Arctic Early Career News - March 2023

Arctic Early Career News

USAPECS + IARPC Early Career Forum

Periodically USAPECS and the IARPC Early Career Forum will share research from, and opportunities for, early career researchers working in the polar regions. This regular round-up aims to highlight and celebrate the work being done by early career researchers in Arctic research. If you have information you would like to submit, please see the link below.

Are you or do you know an early career researcher who has recently published work related to the Arctic? We at USAPECS and the IARPC Early Career Forum want to highlight your work! Please fill out this form with any Arctic publications, webinars, posters, etc. and we will share on the IARPC Early Career Forum and with our USAPECS Twitter followers. Anyone who identifies as early career is eligible to submit! Any questions? Email for more information. Submit documents here:


Maud van Soest, J.E. Bullard, C. Prater, M.C. Baddock, N.J. Anderson

“Annual and seasonal variability in high latitude dust deposition West Greenland..”

Date of Publication: April 2022

Keywords: aeolian, Arctic, dust codes, dust deposition, loess, proglacial, visibility

Type: Paper

Twitter: @maj_vanS

Elizabeth Webb, Anna Liljedahl, Jada Cordeiro, Michael Loranty, Chandi Witharana, Jeremy Lichstein

“Permafrost thaw drives surface water decline across lake-rich regions of the Arctic”

Date of Publication: August 2022

Keywords: permafrost thaw, Arctic lakes

Type: Paper

Subeesh M.P., Divya David T, Ravichandran T, Shourav Chatterjee, Ankit Paramanik, M Nuncino

“Near-inertial waves in an Arctic fjord and their impact on vertical mixing of Atlantic water mass”

Date of Publication: August 2022

Type: Paper

Twitter: @subeesh_mp

Hari Vishnu, G. Deane, M. Chitre, O. Glowacki, D. Stokes, and M. Moskalik

Vertical directionality and spatial coherence of the sound field in glacial bays in Hornsund Fjord

Date of Publication: December 2020

Keywords: Arctic, glacier, acoustics, melting, climate change

Type: Paper

Twitter: @harivn

Susan B. Vanek, Andreas Mentrup-Womelsdorf , Jette Rygaard

An Odd Assortment of Foreigners in Greenland: Towards the Political Implications of Arctic Travel during the Late Interwar Years

Date of Publication: December 2022

Keywords: History, Arctic Expeditions, US-Greenland Relations

Type: Paper


The Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO)* Conference Travel Grant Program is now open for applications. Travel awards to attend and present polar-related work at a conference are open to polar early career scientists and educators. In this Spring 2023 funding cycle, PSECCO will be distributing $5,000 of awards. Applicants may request a reasonable amount of funding to support their travel to/from a conference, up to a value of $900 per person, with awards aimed at those with demonstrated financial need. An additional $100 is available for awardees who organize a PSECCO social event at the conference. Learn more about the grant program solicitation and apply for it on the PSECCO website. The application deadline is March 15, 2023 at 11.59pm MT.

Second Call for Application for ArCS II International Early Career Researchers Program for 2023. As a priority program of the Arctic Challenge for Sustainability II (ArCS II) project, this call for applications invites a wide range of early career researchers from the Arctic and non-Arctic countries who are engaged in Arctic research, and supports their research by employing or accepting them at universities and research institutions in Japan. At the same time, this project aims to revitalize mutual exchange between Arctic researchers overseas and to strengthen the cooperative system for international joint research. The application deadline is noon, Monday, May 8, 2023 (Japan standard time).

The Second International Symposium on Plastics in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Region on 22-23 November 2023 in Reykjavík, Iceland. Abstract submission deadline is on May 1st, 2023,

Postdoctoral Position Available: Arctic Ocean and Sea Ice Microplastics Modeling - University of Colorado Boulder. The Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) at the University of Colorado Boulder invites applications for a postdoctoral associate to work on Arctic Ocean and sea ice microplastics modeling. This full-time, fixed-term position will be located in Boulder, Colorado. Applications are due March 14. More information

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